Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Great thou Art

Have you seen this video of Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill preforming at Girls Night Out? You have to take a minute (or five) to watch this.

I know I have sung this song many a times, but it never sounded this sweet.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wigs for Kids

Arianna has been growing her hair forever. She wanted to donate it to Wigs for Kids.
Today was the day that she went in for the haircut. You had to give at least 12 inches of hair.
Way to go Arianna! We are sooo very proud of you for doing this!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Congratulations Gino and Brie!

I know these pictures are late in coming. I only took a relative few pictures. Brie's photographer encouraged me to sit back, enjoy the event and allow him to do all the work. I cant wait to see all the fab shots I am sure he got!! This is a great shot I got for my mom of the flowering Dogwood, which is the state flower of Virgina.

Gino and Brie had their own wine done up and the presented these bottles to many of the guests.

Rehersal - but that is not the bride standing there with the groom.

This is the bride and her mom. I was told that the bride does not rehearse!

However groomsmen and ring bearers rehearse as witnessed here with Anthony and lil Mandre!

Friday night was special as I had all my kids (well almost all my kids and grandkids) and grandkids in one room.

Look at those little monkeys jumping around!

Saturday and getting ready for the big event!

Just double checking to make sure everything is on schedule.

Look at lil Mandre. Dad seems so busy getting him ready!

Gino and his Grandpa

Anthony and his grandparents.

The Boys

Here I am with Anthony holding the sand. Instead of a Unity Candle, Gino and Brie had a sand ceremony. They had white sand that the minister poured in to represent their spirtual base, then Brie had blue sand and Gino had California sand and they alternated pouring the sand in. It was quite pretty.

The flower girls.

Amara and Arianna's dresses had been made from Brie's mom's wedding dress.

I am glad I took the time to get these few shots. As you can see, the photographer is behind the girls and missed these.

The first look at the bride! (I think I am getting teary again!) I love the look on Amy's face (the maid of honor).

Swoord ceremony - I got a few of these out of order.

There was lots of kissing!

Sargent and Mrs. Justiniani

Mr. and Mrs. JustinianiAdd Image

The exchanging of the rings

Ring bearers - one of them maybe a little bored?
Going outside for pictures! Notice how bright and sunny it is. You would not have guessed only 2 hours before we had gail force winds! Noah the photographer said it would be lovely for the wedding and he was right!

Entrance as Mr. & Mrs. (and more kissing)
1st Dance
The cake
And cutting the cake.

More details to come as there was just soo much that happened.