Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look Who is 19

My baby is now 19 years old! We celebrated with a family dinner at Don Jose's and then back at the house for cake. Happy Birthday Son!!
Michele, Anthony and Russ (my Anthony's friends)
My Pat and myself
Sweet Arianna (Amara and baby Mandre were sleeping in the stroller)
Jillian and Mandre
Grandma and Grandpa

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not So New Christmas Decorations

I inherited two vintage pieces of Christmas decorations this weekend. Many, many years ago, my grandmother had this Snowman House and Christmas Tree made and sent them to my parents. I now have them proudly on display in my living room. I think they need a blanket of snow to sit on. Guess I need to go shopping.

Birthday Layout

Here is the layout I did using the sketch of the week at Urban Anthology.
and here is the second page to go along side it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jillian's Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Jillian's birthday. My baby is now 29 years old. Wow, where has the time gone. I asked Jillian what she would like for her birthday dinner and she immediate said egg rolls and fried rice.
My mom made a fresh coconut cake.
Everyone loves Grandma's coconut cake.
Even baby Mandre got his first bite!
It is good to the last bite.What is this? A picture of Anthony? Smiling even? Love it!
I was even able to get a good picture of the kids in front of the tree.
This is it, all that is left. (Son, I would so love to send this to you, but I will make more the next time you are able to come home! We miss you.)
I found this shirt at Walmart the other day. Doesn't it look good on baby Mandre!!

Joyeux Affaire

Saturday I attended Joyeux Affaire along with all these lovely ladies. What a day we had. Kim opens her home to us for a day of crafting and spoiling. What a fun day I had meeting up with old friends and new friends.
Everyone has an assigned seat next to their requested tablemates and Kim had presents through out the day for each of us.
This is the inside of that lovely box.
By the end of the day, everyone walks away with a lovely doorprize. I recevied this bit of loveliness to add to our tree. Isn't he adorable! Love him.
These bits of goodness were in our goodie bag
This was our first project. Debbie Schuh taught a 6x12 Christmas album with all sorts of fold out pages. I will post the insides of this album after the 1st of the year when I get pictures inside.
This was our 2nd project with Amy Tan. I stll need to add to this one. The page is mounted to a hard board and meant to be displayed.

Our third project was again with Debbie making ATC cards to be put onto an ATC spinner. While I complted the cards that evening, the project itself has more work to be done. I will share this one later as well.

Such a Cutie

The girls came over last week so I thought I would try and get some shots of that cutie pie, Miss Rylee! Maybe one day I will learn to take good pictures.

Monday, December 1, 2008

House Decorating

Yesterday my Pat and I decorated the house. While Patrick mowed the grass, I assembled the participants in our front yard menagerie.
We have Santa's sleigh and his trustee reindeer to pull it (the stag is being difficult with keeping his upper body lit (maybe he needs a shot of Patron - Silver you know).

To the left of the driveway we have the snowman welcoming committee. The house looks nice all lit up, don't you think?