Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jillian's Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Jillian's birthday. My baby is now 29 years old. Wow, where has the time gone. I asked Jillian what she would like for her birthday dinner and she immediate said egg rolls and fried rice.
My mom made a fresh coconut cake.
Everyone loves Grandma's coconut cake.
Even baby Mandre got his first bite!
It is good to the last bite.What is this? A picture of Anthony? Smiling even? Love it!
I was even able to get a good picture of the kids in front of the tree.
This is it, all that is left. (Son, I would so love to send this to you, but I will make more the next time you are able to come home! We miss you.)
I found this shirt at Walmart the other day. Doesn't it look good on baby Mandre!!


Christina said...

You can always send those egg rolls my way!! (Ill eat them for Gino) :) Im sure he'd really appreciate it!

Born in the year of the Dog said...

I am so glad I was finally able to find you, thanks to Sherry. It was really great to catch up with last weekend. Love the T-shirt. I may have to look for that. Still in baby waiting. Have a great holiday.