Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking of CHA (and CHA giveaways)

I had the most wonderful opportunity to attend CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) this year thanks to Kari at Urban Anthology. (Go to the Urban Anthology blog for exciting giveaways from CHA!) Here is a picture I found on the web of the crowd before they opened the door on Sunday morning. I am talking to my friend Leslie.

I got to see all the new product releases that are currently being offered to the store owners. It was soo cool to walk the show floor. You just never know who you will run into!! There were storm troopers there to keep the peace among all those crafty ladies!!

I also saw many people I had only read about in the crafting world. I spoke to some and some I just admired their style from afar. I have to tell you about an exchange that that I never expected. I attend many of the special events that Kim puts on out of her home. (If you ever get the chance to attend one - DO!) At one of the events last year Becky Novak was there to take pictures to document the event for Somerset Magazine. She also took headshots of many of the ladies attending the event. She took my picture and I love each and every one of them. I saw Becky at CHA and she came up to me to say hi and gave me a hug. Wow, I was bowled over that she remembered me. Becky's blog is one I check often for inspiration. What a lovely and gently spirit she has.

Don't forget about Urban Anthology's sale that ends this Saturday - 40% off everything in the store.

Camera Envy

I have camera envy and here she is. The new Canon 50D. Isn't she pretty? Oh my.

"One of the main features of the new 50D is the 900,000 pixel resolution 3″ LCD screen on the rear of the camera. It allows for much more accurate and detailed review of photos on the back of the camera. The 50D also introduces live view contrast focusing. The 50D also introduces a live view face detection feature, entirely new to the EOS digital world. Other key features of the 50D include: 6.3 FPS shooting, 100 - 12,800 ISO range, 1/8000th maximum shutter speed, 9 cross point autofocus sensors, DIGIC IV processor for faster processing, updated menu interface to match 1D lineup, 95% viewfinder coverage, support for UDMA compact flash cards, 14bit processing, 15.5 mega pixel sensor." I know, I know - information overload. All that gobbley-goop just means that it is a rad camera!

And here I am holding one. A few of the girls from the Urban Anthology message board got together for dinner after CHA on Tuesday. Sherry (all the way from Australia has the 50D and she allowed me to play with it a bit. I have to tell you, I am in love with this camera!
Oh honey - I've been a good girl and proved that I don't destroy EVERY camera I have owned. Can I have a new toy??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Or maybe it was an early lunch since it was about 11am. We went to Disneyland to pick something up today and I wanted a corn dog. I have been thinking about them since New Years Eve when Kari was raving about them.
The corn dog is massive and came the either apple slices or a small bag of chips. I opted for the apple slices and Pat went with the chips. (I liked the apple slices better than the corn dog as my corn dog wasn't cooked all the way through)
Then it was off to the Bengal BBQ for some bacon wrapped asparagus. Just a little bite of heaven!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban Anthology's February Kit

The February 2009 Kit is now on sale at Urban Anthology! The theme of this kit is “Modern Vintage”… it has many vintage styles with a fresh and modern color pallet. This kit contains We are Memory Keepers, Autumn Leaves, Making Memories, Prima and Bazzill to name a few. You can also expect to see a few sheets of card stock, as well as many fantastic embellishments, ribbons, and flowers, which are certain to please most anyone. I know that the January kit sold out so get this while it is still in stock.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time to Prune

It is that time of the year when good rose gardeners prune their bushes. I hate to do it as they look so bear and dead. But come the spring, all will be better.
Our tempetures have been in the 80's for the last week or so (this in the middle of winter). We already have the 1st buds of new growth appearing on the rose bushes.

These are the last roses I clipped before cutting the bushes all the way back. Soon I will have many, many more!!

What a great Saturday

We started our day at Disneyland as it was time to renew our passes. What a beautiful day it was. Since we were there early, I wanted to check out the new attraction. The faries now all hang out at Pixie Hollow. The line was relatively short so we jumped in.
There are lots of little faries to observe. However, as we were waiting we were informed that TinkerBell had to fly back to Neverland (at 9:45 in the morning ?) and would fly back later in the day. Perhaps we will meet up with her another day.
We rode a few rides while at Disneyland. We rode the Matterhorn.
and Big Thunder Mountain
Then we went over California Adventure where I ate soup in a sour dough bread bowl, had a frozen bananna and rode Screaming Over California.
Later that evening my parents and Tyrone and Collene came over and we play dominos for a while. The game we play is called Mexican Train dominos. It is not a game that my Pat enjoys but I had a blast.

Winner, winner -pizza dinner. My parents were the big winners of the night. We were playing for $1.00 a game and between my mom and my dad, they won all three games!
What a grand day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We (namely I) have started calling Bailey “Hoss” (this would be the 2nd son of Ben Cartwright from the old western TV show Bonanaz). Bailey is our large (read overweight) and tenderhearted blond doggie. He is also the one who has had surger on both his knees. He loves to carry around stuffed animals like they are his friends. This is the expression on his face when Butter gets a hold of one of his toys. (Butter’s MO is to rip the head off of the toy.)

Since Bailey’s nickname is Hoss, I was thinking what Butter would be called back at the Ponderosa? Well he couldn’t be called Adam (the 1st son of Ben Cartwright) as he isn’t the strong, silent type (key word silent as he is very strong - try taking him for a walk) . He could be called Lil Joe (the 3rd son of Ben Cartwright) as he is full of mischief or he could be called Ben (the dad) as he is strong willed and takes the lead. I think I like Ben better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

SHHH - Don't Tell Frannie

Here is the bracelet I made for Fannie for her birthday. I took the pictures of the kids when they were out for Thanksgiving.
I made similar bracelets for my daughters for Christmas. Here is Jillian with hers.
And here is Darleen opening hers. I didn't get a picture of the bracelet but it is similar to Jillian's and Frannies, but with cutie pie pictures of Miss Rylee.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The owner (and someone that I am proud to call a friend) over at Urban Anthology is making room for all the new stuff coming out at CHA!! Check out all the cool product that Kari currently stocks and get 40% off almost everything in the store. Oh yea, there is FREE shipping on all orders over $75! Act quickly as the sale will end January 31, 2009.

Hurry on over to the store now!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Darn Cold

I don't do well in the cold. In fact, I hate being cold. (Well I hate being hot too, but that will be a different post.) We went to see my niece get married last weekend in Las Vegas, NV. Let me tell you, it was cold. Do you see what the temperature is on the rear-view mirror? It was 28 degrees when we left Las Vegas Sunday morning. Ok, ok it was 7:00 in the morning but when we arrived home at 11:00, it was 65 degrees. I will take the weather in the good 'ol OC anytime!!
Now the snow looks really pretty - from a distance.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Project for the New Year

Jillian reminded me the other day that baby Mandre didn't have a blanket made by grandma like the girls did. So I have been to Joann's twice now picking fabrics. I will post the completed project when I complete the blanket. Hopefully I will be done by his 1st birthday in February!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Congratulations Frannie

My niece was married this past weekend and we were fortunate enough to attend the wedding. What a cute couple they make. Please keep this young couple in your prayers. Tyler proudly serves in the Army National Guard and will be leaving for Iraq tomorrow. He will start walking the streets of Iraq come January 15th.

Happy New Year's

Per our tradition of the last 3 years, we spent New Year's Eve at Disneyland with Ching and Ken. This year Kari and her husband Chris joined us. We arrived at the park at 8:00am and had a great day. I didn't quite make it to midnight. I tuckered out at 10:45pm (14.45 hours is really long enough, don't you think?) and decided it was time to go. Patrick could have gone all night. We have decided that next year we will take two cars so that he can stay till two in the morning with Ching and Ken.