Thursday, January 15, 2009


We (namely I) have started calling Bailey “Hoss” (this would be the 2nd son of Ben Cartwright from the old western TV show Bonanaz). Bailey is our large (read overweight) and tenderhearted blond doggie. He is also the one who has had surger on both his knees. He loves to carry around stuffed animals like they are his friends. This is the expression on his face when Butter gets a hold of one of his toys. (Butter’s MO is to rip the head off of the toy.)

Since Bailey’s nickname is Hoss, I was thinking what Butter would be called back at the Ponderosa? Well he couldn’t be called Adam (the 1st son of Ben Cartwright) as he isn’t the strong, silent type (key word silent as he is very strong - try taking him for a walk) . He could be called Lil Joe (the 3rd son of Ben Cartwright) as he is full of mischief or he could be called Ben (the dad) as he is strong willed and takes the lead. I think I like Ben better.

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