Saturday, January 24, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Or maybe it was an early lunch since it was about 11am. We went to Disneyland to pick something up today and I wanted a corn dog. I have been thinking about them since New Years Eve when Kari was raving about them.
The corn dog is massive and came the either apple slices or a small bag of chips. I opted for the apple slices and Pat went with the chips. (I liked the apple slices better than the corn dog as my corn dog wasn't cooked all the way through)
Then it was off to the Bengal BBQ for some bacon wrapped asparagus. Just a little bite of heaven!!


McFarlaneFam said...

How come I dont see the Bacon wrapped on the aparages? (SP?)

McFarlaneFam said...

oh wait i thought that was chicken to the right :) with just green onion!