Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

Patrick's mom's birthday was this past week. We had Glee and Bill over for a birthday dinner celebration. She is a lovely 21 again!! Here Glee is with Baby Dane.
Darleen and Ryan brought the kids. I am so glad that Darleen is as interested in taking pictures as I am! And doesn't she look beautiful!!
Rylee, what do you have?? I am going to tell Nana Jill what I caught you with!!
Here is the birthday girl with Grandpa bill and Miss Rylee (this time without her beverage bottle!!)
Rylee has the most soulful eyes.
Don't ask me what is going on here, but I just love this picture of Dane!
Just look at these two. I bet you will have many nights like this, just laying around talking about the ways of the world.

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