Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday in the Park

This past weekend Kari, Ching and I ventured out to Manhattan Beach for lunch and girl time. Kari and Ching drove in together and met me at local Target so we could carpool in one car. It was a good thing too, as the parking lots we found were metered and you are only allowed to park for 2 hours! I know – crazy! And the local police were out marking tires and handing out tickets if you were longer than you should have been. We ate lunch at Simmzy’s. The place was right on the main drag and we had a little bit of a wait. Not bad and the food was pretty good. By the time lunch was over it was time to move car!! We lucked out and found a spot right around the corner. We feed the meter again and went exploring. We window shopped down to the pier. At the end of the pier there was a small aquarium. Next stop was this really neat cupcake store where they even had doggie cupcakes!! Then we where off to the Manhattan Beach Creamery. It was a throw back to an ice cream store of old. They also had lots of vintage candies! We each got an ice cream and we sat outside to enjoy it. More window shopping and then we were off to Pollywog park in Manhattan Beach for a Neil Diamond concert. The singer wasn’t actually Neil Diamond, but he did a good impersonation!! All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day with good friends.

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