Saturday, June 9, 2012

Those Palm Trees

I have hated these palm trees for the longest time.  Oh I liked them when we first put them in. (Palm trees on left side of the yard).
(Trees on the right side of the yard) I don't know how many times I told Patrick that I wish he would yank those palm trees out.  Mandre was over for Mother's Day last month and I was mentioning how much I hated those palms.  He said I might like them if we had them trimmed up.  (Deja vu - Frannie, didn't you say on more than one occasion that I needed to trim those trees?)  Well today I had enough (after filling yet another round of holes the pups dug) and placed a call to have someone come out and give us an estimate.
I also had them give an estimate to top off and shape the cypress trees out front (as well as the small trees I had planted along the side of the house that out grew the space).  Having someone else do this was so worth the price.  Not only did Freddy (Freddy's Quality Tree Care (714-630-1578) come with a crew of 4, they did a fantastic job of cleaning up all those palm fronds and carting them off!
 Here are the trees on the left now.
 The trees on the right.
And the trimmed up cypress trees.  I think I have gained an additional 6 feet in the back yard.  Now to get some fill dirt and grass seed.  Sounds like a project for another day.

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Unknown said...

Ohhh it looks so good!!!! It is always so much better when someone else does the lawn!