Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Post

I interrupt this vacation post sequence to interject some birthday news. I turned 46 last week. I received my gifts from my Pat before we left (more than a few new outfits to take on vacation) and while on vacation (a new necklace and earrings). My parents gave me a Coach bag and a cute angel/lambie figurine. My birthday fell on a Thursday this year and of course we went to Don Jose (we almost always go to Don Jose’s on Thursday’s) for dinner.

After dinner, Jillian and the kids and Darlene and Rylee and Christina came over bearing gifts.

Christina and Darlene’s grandmother made a wonderful chocolate bundt cake with chocolate chips. It was very good! (Ugh - I didn't get any pictures)

Darlene found the cuties lambie sock slippers and many lambie friends to keep them company. I love wearing them and the lambie key chain snores! How cute is that? Jillian and Gino and Anthony got together while Gino was home on leave and took pictures. They presented me with two of the loveliest pictures they have ever taken.

My family knows me so well and knows the way to my heart! (Yes I know, I am spoiled and love it!) Thank you one and all.


McFarlaneFam said...

I love the pictures of all your gifts!!! Love you :) DId you ever get the picture of my sister and Gino?? That one came out Great as well. Ryan and I are glad you liked your gift we knew it was Perfect!

evafromca said...

OH, Susan, I didn't know it was your birthday, but happy belated one to you! Sounds like you had a fabulous day, and I am so happy for you!