Monday, October 6, 2008

Artistic Affaire Deaux

I attended Artistic Affaire Deaux this past weekend. We started with the pre-event on Friday night at French General with bracelet making. I have always wanted to go to French General. I had found them on the web a few years ago and I had always wanted to do her bracelet kit class. It took me 2.5 hours during rush hour to make it to the store, located in Hollywood. I did not see the store the 1st time around and that was really frustrating as it meant 15 minutes of extra driving waiting for lights (and pedestrians) to turn around again. Traffic was really bad as it is right next to Hollywood/Vine, a few night clubs and the Pantges Theater (the musical Wicked is currently playing there ~ I would so like to see that musical). Then we had to pay $8.00 to park. Ugh. The ride home was really cool though. When I left the store, I saw the Capital Records building all lit up. Driving home on the freeway, I could see all of the downtown buildings all lit up. I think I saw the Dorothy Chandler building and the fountains our front of it. Further down the freeway was the Citadel in all its glory. I wish I had been in the passenger seat so that I could have enjoyed it more. One day I will have spend the day in Hollywood just to take it all in.

Saturday was the actual event at Kim’s house and what a blast that was. Kim is such a great hostess! We did 3 projects and I really like each one.

First up was Carol Wingert ( ). Love her. She is such a nice lady. I just knew that I would like this class. I had bought a couple of her kits before and they have been lovely and this class did not disappoint. Carol is the kind of lady you would just love to hang out with. We did an altered journal from an old hardback book. She taught a cool and easy way to make signatures for the inside of the book. The cover of the book is a really cool gate. I still have a bit to add to the cover. Love it.

Next up was Kim Hesson ( and we did an altered cake plate stand. Fun and I love it. I can use it year round by adding little hang down things to change it up with the seasons. I bought little pumpkins to add. I better get hopping on that to be ready for the fall season.

Lastly was Beth Quinn ( and we designed a hanging glove. I still need to finish this one. I love it as well. My glove reminds me of the old south.

Then there were the exchange of swaps during afternoon tea. I was involved in the house garland swap. We each made a house based on the same template. Lovely! Then there was the Halloween canvas swap. We each made a 8x10 canvas work of art for Halloween. For the swap part, we all stood around in a circle (think musical chair style) and passed the swap items one by one around the circle while music played. When the music stopped, you got to keep the one that was left in your hand. I ended up getting my friend Mari's and she got mine ~ how cool was that! I love it and hung it up in my house as soon as I got home Saturday night! The last swap was the cigar
box swap. I received the loveliest box filled with vintage goodies. I especially loved the vintage perfume bottle and the keys.

During the day Becky Novacek ( was doing mini photography sessions. I signed up to have my picture taken. The purpose was two fold. One reason is I have seen the pictures she takes and they are wonderful and two, I thought it would be a great way to learn to take other’s pictures. I think she got some good shots of me. I can't wait to see them.

I had a great time and can't wait till the December event ( ) and then there is the event in January as well ( What fun I have lined up!!


evafromca said...

Susan, those are all such gorgeous projects. This brings back memories, when I took a class by Carol was lovely indeed. So happy that you enjoyed your day creating so many loveliness.

Karen said...

Looks like you had a great time! What beautiful projects you were able to make!!