Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome Home Old Friend

I desktop computer was down for the past month. I had the hard drive cleaned to give my computer a fresh start. I had been sharing my computer with my son and there was all kinds of stuff (crap) that he had downloaded and I just wanted a fresh start. Well, when the hard drive was whipped clean, I couldn’t find the recovery disk to put the OS (operating system) back onto the computer. UGH! WTH? I keep all my papers and disk having to do with the computer in one baggie. But you guessed it, it wasn’t there. I brought the computer in to the computer guru at work. He found some software to get me started and it still didn’t work. He had to take it to a friend of his and together they were able to get it working again and he was able to load my upgrade copy of XP. After many more updates, I got to take the computer home!!! Thanks Tu!!! I have spent the last two nights loading my programs back on. 1st up was my iTunes account. I had to purchase additional software to add the music from my iPod back into my iTunes account, but all is now good. Last night I loaded my Pazzels Mini (electronic cutter) and my scanner. I am excited to use both of them now.

While I have a laptop that I love for surfing the net and traveling with, there is nothing like a desktop unit. Welcome home my friend, you have been missed.

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