Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good bye Mr. Mop

and hello Mr. Steam Mop! I hate cleaning the floors. With a mop, all you are doing is pushing dirty water around the floor. Lately I have taken to getting on my hands an knees using a bucket and rag - which goes back to why I hate cleaning the floors. I have been looking at these steam cleaners for some time now. So I was watching the guy today demo Mr. Steam Mop at the fair and I told Patrick I would really like one of those and he said Mr. Steam Mop should come home with me! I think Patrick actually hates to do the floors even more than I do.

So while I actually kicked mr. mop to the curb a while back, the bucket and rag are gone as well! I just love the way this thing works. The floor is dry immediately. There is no streaking or chemicals to deal with. I did all the floors as soon as I got home (well and put the house back together - I am still running the dishwasher to get any bug spray residue off my dishes and stuff) !!

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