Sunday, July 12, 2009

Orange County Fair

Today was de-bug the house and the 1st of many visits to the Orange County. For the past week or so, something has been biting me. I have spots and sores all over my body from scratching these bites. We prepared the house this morning for spaying and then left for the fair.

There are all types of fried foods to sample at the fair, a zucchini weeni and even Fried Frog Legs. Neither of these did we try. I have tried the deep fried avocado before - don't need to do it again.
The fair is really about trying new things. What is this you ask? Try chocolate covered bacon!! Not too bad. We also had Hawaiian food for lunch (no picture). They make this really good macaroni salad that comes with the plate. Next time, maybe just the macaroni salad as a side.
Look who joined us for the fair. Anthony hung out with us all day. Well he couldn't hang out at home cause of the bug bombs.
We shared a blooming onion (it is a huge onion deep fried - looks like a flower when served) with my parents. I didn't get a picture of that, but Anthony and I had a chicken kabob. These were sooo very good!
Patrick had his usual chicken and rice burrito and then some fried chicken.

We have plans to go back as we didn't see it all and when we were leaving today - my little eye spied Pinks hot dogs. That will be 1st on my list. We are hoping to go Friday night and listen to the dueling pianos.

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