Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disney's 5k Family Fun Run/Walk

Today was the Disney 5k Family Fun Run/Walk. I had been excited to attend this annual event for the 1st time. I work up super early (3am - too much stuff on my mind) and wondered if I really wanted to go. I would end up running alone and I didn't want to run alone.
I didn't get much sleep but decided to go anyway. The event organizers suggested a minimum of a 16 minute mile to make it to the end of the course in a timely fashion. I didn't know if I could do that - but I wanted that medal!
This is everyone at the start of the race going under the start banner. There were 4,000 runners and I was ready to be one of them. The course started at the parking garage and wound through Disneyland and ended in California Adventure.
Throughout the park there were characters and Disney cast members there to cheer you on. It was great. I passed the 1-mile marker at 17 minutes. Seeing that I probably didn't pass the start line for a minute passed the official timer (due to all the people in front of me) I thought I was doing pretty good. I passed the 2-mile marker at 31.09. Still doing good with my running and walking!
Almost done. At mile marker 3 I was at 43 minutes 40 seconds. Rounding the bin, I crossed the finish line I am estimating at just over 44 minutes!! I think the official photographer got a picture of me crossing the finish line - at least I hope it was me he got. I will know in a few days.
I did it and I have the plastic to prove it (the medal was plastic)!! I am glad I started and finished when I did. I talked to a family that finished about 5 minutes after I did and they didn't get a medal - Disney ran out! They will receive their medal only through the mail. I hope to do it again next year. The balls of my feet are really sore tonight. I think I needed to stretch more before the race.

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