Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Trip - Day 1

Day 1 of our vacation started with a 4:14am wake up call. Our plan was to leave the house at 5:00, pick Scotty up and off to the airport. Michelle drove with us so that she could take the car back to the house. All went well until, at the airport, I remembered that I had left my camera (gasp) at home! I called Anthony to see if Michelle had arrived at home to see if she could come back really fast with it. He said he would call as soon as she arrived. Do you know how slow the clock ticks when you are anxiously awaiting something as important as a phone call. He calls and says they will bring it right down. The clock is ticking away as we still needed to make it through security. In the 20-30 minutes ALL that took (from the phone call to delivery) I was just a bit stressed (read quite a bit stressed). THEN, when we went through security, I got one agent and went to the left side line. Patrick got a different agent and went to the right side line. He got stuck behind an elderly gentleman and there was something on him that keep setting the alarms off. He was extremely confused and they wouldn’t let his family help much. They asked him to take his belt off. He had suspenders on and when he took those off, his pants just about fell down. Poor guy. This took a just a few minutes, but it seems to be forever when you are waiting on your husband (who is 3 people behind this whole mess) and the clock is still ticking. At this point I wasn’t worried about missing the flight, I just knew that my mom would be worried about us as they had already boarded the flight and didn’t know that we were ready to get on. We were one of the last people on the flight, which is ok with me. I hate sitting in those tiny seats while the plane boards.

We arrived at the hotel about 3:30ish and what a nice hotel it was. We were on the 48th floor with a nice view. After a bit of relaxing, we met up with the rest of the group to decide where to venture off for dinner. We chose Mother’s. A local diner and the food did not disappoint. I had the fried fish of the day and it just happened to be catfish. It was really good, almost tasted like chicken. I am sure they used the same batter for the fish as they did the chicken. My meal came with two sides. I choose the red beans and rice and the steamed cabbage. Both great choices! Kim ordered the grilled catfish and it was really good to.

Our server was Effy and she took great care of us.

Part of the group took a Haunted Walk around the French Quarter. It wasn’t from the tour company that I wanted to use, but it was the one that had the hook up from the hotel lobby desk. Our tour was a bit of a disappointment, but we did walk around a bit of the French Quarter and hear some interesting stories.

Look what I found - a lawyer voodoo doll!! I bought a generic voodoo doll!!
I was playing with the setting on my camera and this shot was taken at 8:30 at night. It was really dark and this is the shot I got. I was quite please with the shot! Legend has it that am man who had lost his fortune and the family fortune as well hung himself over where this table now sits. The restaurant experienced hauntings until they set food on this table nightly!!
Same with this shot, really dark outside and leaving the shutter open for 6 seconds allowed enough light to enter to get this shot. Legend has it that in this courtyard, a man killed his lover by chocking her and throwing her from the balcony.
I just thought this was a great shot. You can actually see this courtyard from Bourbon Street down one of the alleyways.

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