Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Pumpkin Face

Today I attended the monthly Basic Grey class at the Scrapbook Oasis. Rebecca makes us two layouts in accompany the Basic Grey layout. This month we are working with the Pyrus paper collection. I took this layout and added a bit of my own touch. Kari and Ching were there with me today and they said the layout would look really cute with some stiching. Well since I had green thread in my machine, I put some sewing on there. Love it! I lifted this sweet picture of my daughter and grandson off of Facebook. It was from a day at the pumpkin patch. What a sweet and touching moment between mother and son!!

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Rebecca said...

LOVE THIS! Susan, I just love seeing how you make these layouts your own! Love the stitching! It was the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing these every month!