Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't Be Scared Christina

Arianna is with you!! Well they made it though the ride, but when we went to look at the pictures, this is what we saw. I don't know, but usually, when they don't show your picture, it is because there is something unacceptable there that Disney dosen't want the world to see. It is a family park you know. (Like when someone flashes the camera) I'm not saying that is what happened here, but . . . we didn't get to see their picture at the end of the ride. I am sure that there must have been some other kind of snafuu.

While the big kids rode California Screamin' , the two little kids rode King Triton's Carousel
Marty and Lisa joined us for the day as well.
One of Marty's favorite rides is Grizzly River Run . Arianna really likes this ride as well but neither Jillian Patrick or myself care to get wet. Marty, Arianna and Christina rode it while we watched them.

Amazingly, they didn't get all that wet.

Then we were off to the Rain Forest Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.
After dinner we went back to Disneyland to ride a few more rides. What a fun day and we get to do it all over again next weekend with Darleen, Rylee and Ryan as they were unable to join us on Saturday.



Whaaaaaaat? Disney didn't show my picture?? So much for that idea!

McFarlaneFam said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! :( I am glad though. Great Pictures like always :)