Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Southern California Wildfires

If you have heard the news lately, Southern California was burning with 3 wild fires. The 1st one started on Thursday and by Saturday morning 2 other major fires had started. One of them not to far from me. Not close enough that I was worried about my house by any stretch, but it surly impacted our air quality. Saturday was extreamly windy and hot, we were in the 90's. I meet up with some friends for lunch at Downtown Disney and this was the view. There was so much ash falling all around.

To give you a different view, this is the smoke spreading into the blue skys we usually have.

One of the fires burned through a mobile home estate and 500 of the 600 units were destroyed. It just broke your heart to watch the news.

God bless the people effected by these fires.


evafromca said...

Phew....we lived through it thankfully. Great looking blog!!!!

Trace said...

That's pretty scary looking - hope all is well over in your neck of the woods.