Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Bowling Shirts

This is my bowling team on Wednesday nights. Scott and Cinda are my team mates (and of course, my Patrick).Scotty bought us all bowling shirts with our names on them! Aren't we cute? We even look like real bowlers! And to top it off, we even won 4 games last night. (You actually bowl 3 games, then the 4th "game" is taken by total pins). You see some of the staples of our every week activies in the foreground. Scotty usually brings a cooking magazine to share really cool recipes (notice the page it is currently turned to for my Patrick's benefit - see the large bling?). He also brought in brownies with nuts (Cinda and I love chocolate). There is my ice tea cup and then there is something there that is not usually there. A shot glass ~ Pat bought me a Russian Qualude. It was ok. Then during the past couple of weeks, I have been teasing that I wanted a shot of Tequila. 2 or 3 of them even. So he comes back with a double shot of Patron Silver, the salt and the lime. It took me 3 drinks to get the whole thing down. This was with one frame left in the night. I felt a little tipsy by the time we left for the night but I did sleep all night long.

Thank you Scotty for the new shirts, maybe we will start bowling like a professional team now. Last night was a great start! And thank you to my Patrick for helping me sleep ;).

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evafromca said...

Well having a shot of tequila sure beets sleeping pills....hehehe..and the shirts look fabulous!!!!

And I LOVE the new look of your blog, too!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaa...