Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mandre's Quilt

Here is a picture of the dog quilt I made for baby Mandre. This is the 1st quilt I made using this pattern. The picture of the bear quilt I made for Rylee was the 2nd one. The quilts are quite big, they measure 50" wide and 56" tall. I have learned from the 1st quilt and even more from the 2nd quilt. For instance, Mandre's quilt didn't have any eyes or a nose until last night when I hand sewed them on. With Rylee's quilt I learned to sew them on while working on the head (the pattern said to do it at the end). My hope is these will be blankets the kids will want to cuddle with and in this way they can have grandma's arms around them.

I am loving this technique of using the flannel fabrics, sewing them with the edges showing so that the edges fray up. I am currently cutting out one more bear to work on, then I have a different pattern in mind. Stay tuned.

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