Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not just another Friday

Friday was a typical day, but what an ending! Patrick and I went to work as usual. Then, as it was Friday, we went bowling. Pat bowled pretty darn good, me not so good – just kind of average. As our usually habit, we went out to dinner after bowling. This Friday we went to Mama Cozza’s (one of Patrick’s favorites). Patrick ordered his pizza, italian sausage, meat ball, garlic, onion, basil and tomato. It is what he gets every time we go there. I got the linguine and mushroom sauce. They have the best minestrone soup there that comes with the dinner. Not that this evening was any different than any of the other Friday evenings, it was just special. We talked about some stuff currently going on in our life’s and the course it will take, but mostly we laughed. It is an evening that will stand out in my mind for sometime to come.

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Eva said... and Pat had the same wonderful evening as Michael and I.