Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby's Got New Shoes

I have never been a shoe whore. Maybe because I am cheap and don't care to spend a lot of money on shoes. (There are after all some scrapbooking supplies that I don't own yet!) I usually just go to Payless and pick up a pair for under $20. I NEEDED a new pair of black flats for work - I showed my old pair to Patrick and he was embarrassed for me. So today was the day to get a few new outfits and new shoes. I got these. They fit ok and they will look nice with dress pants. Price point - under $30.00. While I was waiting for the sales lady to bring out my size, the lady next to me was trying these pretties on. I fell in love with them so I asked her to bring them in my size as well. I have to tell you, they are soo comfortable. I love them. Price point - $60 but after I tried them on and love the way the feel on my feet - I said SOLD!

Christina was telling me that Coach (the purse manufacture) now has shoes! I did take a look inside the Coach store and saw them. They had a pair of tennies for $98 but they had no support - oh and then there was the fact that they were ugly. They also had a pair of sandles for $188. Um - don't need them. $60 was more than enough to spend on shoes, thank you very much.


Christina said...

For the record I do not own coach shoes! I think they're ugly too!!! :)

Eva said...

Christina is a mean.....they look fabulous and comfy for sure...enjoy your new shoes girlie!!!

Christina said...

Eva Why am I mean??? I said the coach shoes are ugly.

Susan-I emailed you told you, I liked the ones on your blog! :)