Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Amara

Yesterday was Amara's birthday. She turned the big "3"! Earlier in the day she went to Disneyland to celebrate with Mickey then she celebrated with family and that other mouse - Chuck E Cheese in the evening!The kids (and Christina) played in the tubes and played some games
Of course there were presents for the birthday girl!We ate pizza.And drank beer (well not all the people drank a beer - but some you wouldn't have thought)!and then they rode more rides.And grandma handed over the camera to get a picture with the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Amara - you are loved!

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Christina said...

Hey, Hey, Hey, we were at a place where "a kid can be a kid" I enjoyed that hot, stinky, shakey, slide... Until you shared your story with me Susan!!!!!!!! :)

And for the beer...

Jesus drank wine :)