Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Patrick and I spent New Year's Eve at Disneyland! We have done this the past 5 years now with friends Ching and Ken. Each year it seems, different people have joined us. This year's new-bees to the New Year's Eve excitement were Christina, Scott and Belle. What a fun day it was. We arrived at the meeting spot at 7:30am and Ken, Patrick and myself left the parking garage at 1:30am - the next day! Yes people, that was 18 hours at the park and yes, it was a long day and yes, I guess we are a little crazy.

This is the shot from Buzz Lightyear of Patrick and myself. I whooped his butt (he must have let me win).
This is the shot of Christina and Scott. I beat them too. (Ching, could you email me the one of you and Ken please and Belle, could you forward me yours???)
This picture was taken outside of Pooh Corner! The weather was actually great yesterday for a day in the park. I took my wool lamby sweater, gloves, a scarf, thermals to put on later in the day, extra socks, hand and foot warmers and a leather jacket. I was prepared for a cold day! The highs for the day were about 68 and it got down to, oh maybe 48 by the time we left the park. I only used my wool sweater, scarf and gloves all day. It was a nice day weather wise. By the time we were leaving on the tram back to the garage at 1:3oam did I start to feel the cold.Here is the iPhone picture of us on Space Mountain.
This is the coveted pin of the night. Patrick and I had been to the park a few days before New Year's Eve and I picked it up then - I have a collection from every year we have been. By the day of the event, they had sold out as this was a limited edition of only 500 pins made.
One of the rides we went on was the Jungle Cruise. Sometimes when you ride this, it is just ho-hum. But other times, it is a blast - it really just depends on who you tour guide is. As we were waiting to board the little tour boat, we got a glimpse of our tour boat guide. Christina and I judged her wrong as she was just a hoot!!
Christina and I spent part of the day waving at people to see if they would wave back. Ok mostly it was me just being silly and for the most part, people didn't wave back. We watched the afternoon parade and I waved at almost everyone in the parade and nobody even looked at me to wave back! Ugh! Well one of the princes did - Prince Charming, I believe! Well I have my very own living breathing Prince Charming, so I wasn't swooning over it. But Woody waved at me too (and you know it is all about the wood sometimes - put your ear muffs on Christina!!)! Here is a shot of Woody waving to someone else after he waved at me!
Here is a shot of the fireworks that actually came out decent. It was a long, fun day and I am really feeling the effects of it today. I have had two naps and I am still running on low energy.

2009 was so not my year in so many ways (my Patrick was laid off from work at the end of the year) that I am claiming 2010 our year!! It is the start of a new decade and I am going to make it ours! (Love you my Pat!)

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