Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That Puppy!

I have to tell you - that puppy is the cutest - but sometimes!!! This morning before work I was upstairs upstairs checking email before work. I had the chair in my room moved next to my craft table. Sarge was sitting in the chair. He glanced over at me, stood up on the arm of the chair and took my cell phone off my high craft table!! Then he jumped down ran to the door, turned to look at me and ran down the stairs! I had to go down the stairs after him. When I had gotten to where he was in the family room, he made sure I saw him then bolted out the doggy door to the back yard. Once I was outside, he ran under the small palm trees. Meanwhile I am running around the backyard after him in my bare feet and by this time my feet were freezing cold! I finally sat on the sidewalk and called to him. He came out from behind the trees – like what do you want to play now! I told him go get my cell phone. He looks at me. I tell him, Go Get My Cell Phone! He turns around, goes back to the bushes, rustles around and comes back out - without the cell phone! Ugh – I had to go into the palm tree bushes and get my phone – and it is thick and sticky back there! That boy needs puppy school!

But he sure is a cutie!

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