Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I found this really neat game for the iPhone. It is called Trism. I think the download is $2.99. Below is a review I found on line of the game.

"The goal of Trism is simple: eliminate triangles by grouping at least three of the same color. This is similar to the game Bejeweled but the Trism game has an arry of innovative twists.
Individual triangles, which are called 'trisms', can't be moved independently; instead, you move entire lines of trisms to clear like-colored groups from the board. Trism lines can be moved horizontally, vertically, and diagonally at two different angles. For example, if you wanted to connect a single yellow trism with a nearby pair of yellows, you would touch the sole trism and slide that row until one of its sides met with the pair of yellow trisms. When you lock that single yellow trism into position, you're also dragging whatever other trisms are on that same line. In other words, you're effectively shuffling the board.As soon as you clear a group of trisms from the board, new ones descend to fill the empty space. Here's where Trism distinguishes itself from other puzzle games: the position in which you hold the iPhone determines how trisms fall into the empty spaces on the board. Trisms always fall from top of the board, which is relative to how you hold the handset. Turn your iPhone on its left side and trisms will descend from the opposite side, now the relative top of the board.Naturally, this opens up the possibility for insane combos triggered by trisms tilted into all kinds of positions. Clear a trio of trisms and you can tilt your iPhone in order to direct descending trisms into another group, then readjust for a second tilt-based combo, and so on. Millions of points can be earned through skillful tilting of your iPhone in a matter of seconds."

If you own an iPhone and love puzzle games, you must check this game out! It is truly addicting!

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