Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pomona Quilt Show

So Saturday I went out to the Pomona Fairgrounds Sewing and Quilt show with my mom and dad. They spoiled me at the show. They purchased me this lamby. Sarge seems to think everything belongs to him.
See his surprise when I told him that this lamby was mine and not his. The lamby's new home has to remain up high - higher than my side table.
Suring the show, we attended a seminar entitled "Less Than Traditional" quilting. My parents purchased the starter kits and I purchased the marking pencils and flower instructions. We plan on sharing the templates.
Check out this new ironing table. It clips onto the end of my table for quick pressing of seams. It was a gift from my parents. Now to make good work of it!
Who knew there would be adorable clothing at the Quilt Show? I fell in love with no fewer than 6 different articles of clothing but settled on this lacy, vintage shirt!

Stay tuned for the new quilted table runner that I am working on!!

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