Monday, October 4, 2010

Mirmar Airshow

Saturday we attended the Miramar Air Show. We left the house just before 8:00am to pick up Arianna, made a quick stop at McDonald's for a fast breakfast - then we were off!!
We had our own tour guide around the various static displays.
Gino was able to tell us about various thing on the airplanes. This is the F18, which is the new plane he will be working with there at Miramar.
Arianna was amazed at how big the C5 was. She said this was the biggest plane she has ever seen. We were able to walk right through the plane!
Just the guys chilling in front of one of the planes that Gino will be working on.
This is Miss Arianna inside one of the helicopters.
Of course the main draw of the day was a performance by the Blue Angels! A performance that never fails to be spectacular! It amazes me how closely they fly to one another. At times, they are flying 18 inches from one another while in formation.
There are actually two planes here. One is right side up, the other inverted!
Four planes here, 2 right side up, 2 inverted.
Can you see the water vapor on the wings of this plane? He was flying extremely fast here.
The precision at which these planes fly is truly amazing.
Just when you think, oh my gosh, they are going to crash - nope they just pass by one another!!
We then stayed for the twilight show and one of the performers was Shockley’s “ShockWave” Jet Truck with 3 jet engines attached to the back end. The jet truck had preformed earlier in the day, but the performance at night was stunning and exciting!! The F18 also came and did quite a few passes in full afterburner! That was another sight to behold (but alas - no pictures of that)!!
Then Robosaurus came and removed a car that was illegally parked on the flight line!
You can see the car here in his "hands".
The highlight of the evening (after the fireworks that rival Disneyland's) was the wall of fire. You can even see Robosaurus silhouetted here!

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