Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lisa Kaus Summer Workshop

This past weekend I attended one of Lisa Kaus's Summer Workshop hosted by Kim of Artistic Bliss. This was my practice piece where we practiced with the paints. And this is my painting. The words read, "Release the Music of your Soul. I traced the outline of the bird from Lisa, but made the birdcage around it. We used Golden Fluid Acrylic paints and water color crayons. I love how this piece came out. I hope to find the time to make more.
This piece was from our Grid Workshop completed on Saturday
There are a lot of layers and dimension.
The dangling charm was from a charm swap I was involved in a while back.
I tried to make this piece all abut the ladies.
I can also see myself making another one of these pieces.

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Renee said...

Love your pieces. Sounds like a fun workshop!