Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Hot Is It?

The thermometer read 101 at 3:00 today. We were supposed to go to Disneyland today with my mom and dad and Jillian, Mandre and the kids. It was too hot and Pat really wanted to watch the Angel game and the 1st game in the NBA playoffs - the Lakers were playing. We we decided to stay home. So what was I doing in the car outside of Disneyland at 3:00? Ugh - the cable went out on the tv and my Pat still wanted to watch the games so we went to TJSchmids to see the last quarter of the Laker game. Lakers won, Angels lost. The Angels havn't been doing so well this year, but is is just the beginning of the season. Go Angels. Go Lakers. The air conditioning inside of TJSchmids was really nice. After we left the restruant Pat suggested we go to Downtown Disney and get some of the Kettle Corn. So we dropped by and picked up a large bag. But it was just to hot to walk around, 101 degrees to hot.

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