Monday, June 1, 2009

Bits of Loveliness

I attended a wonderful entitled An Artistic Affair Pintemps this past weekend. (I will post more on that soon - I need to photograph my projects!) I went knowing that Candice and her mom would be hosting a table with all kinds of goodies and I went purposed in my heart to bring back one of these lovelies!! Suzanne, Candice's mom makes these bracelets. I have seen them before and always regretted not getting one. So this lovely bracelet is now on my arm. I love it. If you are interested, she also sells them on-line here.
I also picked up these Jenni Bowlin bingo cards. I can't wait for my son to send me some pictures from overseas so that I can use them!! (Are you reading this son? If so - send pictures!!)

1 comment:

Karen said...

That bracelet is so beautiful Susan and I can not wait to see it in person! Hope you had a fun time this weekend! Love those new little JB cards and perfect for next month or anytime really!!