Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hollywood Bowl

Guess who is going to the Hollywood Bowl on July 3rd to see John Fogerty and a fireworks spectacular? Me and my Pat - as guests of my friend Scotty!! The Los Angeles Philharmonic will also be preforming. I am soo excited! I have never been to the world famous Hollywood Bowl.


Christina said...

Susan- You & Pat are going to have to have so much fun! I went a few years ago, a friend of mine had tickets so a couple of us went to see Santana, and the Blue Man Group! If you guys go early enough you can bring your own pinic basket and eat there.
(thats if nothing changed, you may want to check it's been a while!) Also bring something warm! It gets really cold later in the evening. You will love the firework show! I loved it! Have a great time and take pictures :)

Eva said...

Oh, now, that will be a lot of fun for sure!!! Have a great time!!!