Monday, September 14, 2009

Bob's Big Boy

The Bob's Big Boy chain here in Southern California seem to have closed all the restaurants a while back. Well not to long ago, they started opening back up. We got our 1st Bob's Big boy in Orange County a month or so back. We finally got an opportunity to go over (when the lines fin allay went down) to try it out. Pat was wondering if they still had the Chili Size on the menu. It was spaghetti noodles with a hamburger patty on top and Bob's chili poured over the top. it was there, but in a modified way. It is now called Spaghetti Chili and it doesn't have the hamburger patty. pat ordered an extra patty and had it his way. It was actually very good. I had the Chicken Stir fry (don't waste your time ordering that). I liked Pat's so much that I wanted to share it with Anthony so I got an order to go. I told him when I brought it home not to waste it, that if he didn't like it, that I would eat it later. Take it from me, the Spaghetti Chile doesn't travel well. Anthony didn't like it and when I heated it up later that night, it didn't taste the same. Next time we go back, I would like to try their Nut & Grain pan cakes!

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Karen said...

Okay Susan, this is too funny because we have been talking about Bob's Big Boy and telling the kids about it! I miss having one around and wanted to venture out to one as I know there are not to many out there, so the kids could appreciate what I have been talking about. There is one close to us now?? YAY!! I need to check it out! Love the photo of you both with the Big Boy!!