Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When two ships collide

Confusion ensues. I was in our cabin at the time of the collision and at first I thought it was thunder as a storm was a brewing. I got up to look outside our balcony window and saw our ship colliding with the ship next door. Oh my. The ship opposite ours scraped past ours ( or we scrapped past theirs. We collided two or three times. I believe the other ship was Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. Those railings are not supposed to be laying over. They are supposed to be standing up. I didn't get a shot of the ships mashed together.
This is some of the damage to our ship. Here you can see the window have all been crashed through and the railing pushed over.
That is the damage to the other ship. You can see where the railing has been pushed back and the scrapage below it. There is also one of the windows poked out.

One of the guys was joking in the elevator that the other ship scrapped off the name of the ship, the Legend, and under neith was revealed the true name of the ship - the Titatic!! The happened as we were departing Cozamel. There was a big wind gush about that time. After a brief delay, we are on our way to Belize.

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