Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love

Thursday we celebrated Patrick's birthday by spending the WHOLE day at Disneyland. Yes ~ stop the presses, I stayed the WHOLE day. The park was open from 9 - 9 and I stayed the whole time!! LOL ( I will post more pictures from the day later)

As we were leaving the park at 9:00pm, I was telling my Pat that I made it the whole day. The gentleman in front of me said that it didn't count as the park closed early. "A whole day means 8:00am to midnight (or 2:200am on New Year's Eve)." My Pat had to agree with him. I say nay, nay, it counts!!

I hope I made your day a special one my love. You make everyday special for me. Love you!!

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Ching-a-ling said...

You stayed the WHOOOOOLLE time?? WOW!!!

he he, Happy Birthday Pat!! Your wife loves you sooooo much! (cuz she stayed the WHOOOOLE time!! lol)