Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final Pictures from the Trip

I never thought that you would hear these words from me, but I didn't get a lot of pictures this trip. And then some of the ones I bought from the cruise photographers, didn't make it home with me. Bummer of all bummers as I can never get those pictures again.
Here is our sail away picture!! Notice the fruity drink of mine is almost gone!!
Dinner photo with my one and only! (Love this man and all that he does for me - he wasn't feeling well this night, but came to dinner anyway.)
Group shot of our dinner mates. Gino and Brianne had met Don and Nancy before. I am fortunate to shared this cruise with them. What wonderful couple they are. We may have the pleasure of sailing with them again.
Two of the most handsome men on the ship and I have the good pleasure of being related to both of them.
My parents are so very proud of their grandson!
My Pat, me, Brianne and Gino.
We would go to the shows every night. I even got to play bingo most days! I never won, but it is fun to play.
The late night buffet was a taco bar, and wouldn't if figure, it was on Thursday night! Not quite Don Jose, but at least it was tacos!!
Pat and I took part in the bath robe party!
Posing with the props in Cozumel.
Well you know, what happens in Cozumel, stays in Cozumel.

That is about the best of the best of my pictures. I am hopeful to get a few more from other people on the trip.

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Eva said...

Susan...your pictures are goooorgeous!!!! Seriously, it's not about quantity, and you sure got quality!!!!! And ok, I am laughing at those "Eat me" cake pictures....and I am going...SERIOUSLY???? Hehehehe...