Saturday, October 10, 2009

Isle Roatan

Roatan was a lovely island. Don and Nancy & Gino and Bree & Patrick and I caught a cab off the dock and Lincoln gave us a quick tour on the way to the beach.
Oh guess who else went to the beach with us? Yep, Lambie came to the beach. Even though he wore no sunscreen he didn't get burnt. Poor Pat was coming down with something icky, but came to the beach with me anyway.
I just love the warm waters of the Caribbean. I could only enjoy it in measured doses as I burn so easily.
Here is Lambie and I just enjoying the sites and reading a magazine.
Gino and Don went snorkinling. They said it was pretty cool.
I don't snorkle as I can't keep my head under water longer than, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, so I did the next best thing - the glass bottom boat! The sites were stunning! I was the only one on the boat. A 45 minute tour, all by myself. A little creapy, but I did ok.

I really enjoyed our time on the island. I only wish we had more time there.

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Kari said...

Glad to see lamby got to enjoy the cruise as well. What beautiful photos... and a handsome son there!