Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grandparents Day @ MCA

Yesterday Arianna's school honored the Grandparents of their students. Each grade level, kindergarden - 6th grade had a presentation. The grandparents were supposed to sit near the classes, but I couldn't imediatly find Arianna's class and ended up on the wrong side of the sanctuary. I found her as they lined up. I could see her looking for me in the audience. I kept sending mind messages to her ~ look this way, look this way. Finally she saw me and we both waved at each other!!
Each of the children made something special for their grandparents and they were all displayed in the Fellowship Hall. This is my lovely presentation!
Here is Arianna and I in the Fellowship Hall. After school, Arianna and I went across the street and grabbed a Sonic slushy! What a fun afternoon!

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