Monday, May 24, 2010

Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival

I took Friday off and Kari & I drove down to Del Mar (Kari drove - I rode) for the Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival. I am glad we went together as we had a great day! There weren't a ton of venders, but boy could I have dropped a chunk of cash. I was really good, I only bought one charm pack (little 5 inch squares of fabrice) - the Frolic line by Moda, a 5 pack of fabric and some buttons that I couldn't find anywhere else. But there was so much more that I saw that I liked. I have regrets that I didn't pick up a few patterns that I looked at. Now to find the time to finish what I have started and then get busy on more!!

After the quilt show and since we were down that far, we decided to stop in at Everafter Scrapbook Store. Good thing Kari knew they had moved or I would have directed us to the wrong place! It was nice seeing a different store as I usually go to the Oasis. Every store seems to carry slightly different stuff. Kari hung out at the house for a time when she brought me home. We went though patterns that I had and jsut sat and gabbed. It was a really fun day! Thanks for sharing the day with me Kari!!

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