Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quilting Class

So I signed up for a quilt class at the Quilt Cupboard. While I know how to sew (basically), and I have put together a few things, I wanted to learn correct quilting techniques! I have picked up quite a few things from the internet and various books, I find I really learn best with hands on experience. That said, this is my first quilt block. We will be making 9 blocks total and then sashing them together. (There are two other ladies in my class.) I decided to step out of my box and go with some bright colors! I usually lean towards more mute, softer, monochromatic color scheme. I thought these colors were bright and springy! This block uses 4 of the 5 fabrics I chose.

So what did I learn last night you ask? I learned the evils of JoAnn's fabric. I learned that I need a new iron. I learned that my 10-15 year old ruler needs to be replaced. And I learned that I need a rolling tote for my heavy sewing machine. Oh - you mean what did I learn about quilting? A tip about how to sew then cut the triangle blocks you see here. Pretty nifty huh!

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